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Helping Animals

We use social media to identify cases of animals suffering and we mobilize to do what we can to better their conditions.

Fighting Homelessness

We collect and distribute food, water, clothes, shoes, tents and raincoats to the homeless in any city.

Inspiring Others

Our goal is to inspire others to join or start an organization that takes action to combat suffering of any kind, anywhere!


Our mission is simple!

  • We DO NOT accept any monetary donations. This is privately funded by us.
  • Provide food and drinks to anyone who needs it.
  • Collect and distribute clothing such as jackets, pants and shoes.
  • Collect and distribute sleeping accessories such as tents, sleeping bags and pillows.
  • Provide food and medical care for animals that need it no matter where they are located.
  • To connect people in need with people willing to help.
  • To react swiftly and promptly when tragedy strikes in order to help however we can.
  • To raise the bar on being human.

Our Partners

New York Bagel Factory

New York Bagel Factory has been donating bagels to The Human Project so we can go out and deliver them to the homeless in our cities. Visit them and show your support!

New York Bagel FactoryBagel SupplierNY Bagel Factory

EmailBrain partnered up with The Human Project to collect and donate clothes and other necessary items to our homeless people.


ReVlvr Media has collaborated in promoting our inniciatives using social media strategies as well as video services.

ReVlvrPartnerReVlvr Media
Monumental Movement

Monumental Movements is a local group that collaborates with The Human Project as well as other activist groups. Show them some support by visiting their website.

Monumental MovementActivistsMonumental Movements

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