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This documentary follows Eddie, a wildly talented rising star on the Latin music scene, as he navigates the harrowing journey to stardom. This charismatic artist will take on world-renowned record execs and discover the shady underbelly of the music industry, proving that tenacious belief in yourself is the only way to become an unparalleled entertainer!

I’M Not Supposed to be here

A behind-the-scenes look at the music industry reveals what artists must face when chasing their passion. Eddie, a Miami-based music artist, born in Puerto Rico, is determined to achieve success at any cost. When he is denied a rightfully earned recording contract with Sony Music, he must make some tough choices. Giving up is not an option.

A relentless pursuit of a lifelong dream takes Eddie on the journey of a lifetime. He will travel to the ends of the world to find himself and his purpose, but at what cost? Eddie suspects someone is stealing money, but this is the least of his problems.  As the band’s popularity rises, just trying to keep them together may prove impossible!

Eddie’s rebellious nature lands him in hot water in Russia and Turkey for making anti-government, pro-free-speech statements during his concerts. But it’s in Australia where Eddie starts to understand the consequences of his actions when his passport is confiscated, and Melbourne police detain the whole tour.

el show mas estupido de la TV

Eddie Blazquez, a 32-year-old Puerto Rican decides to take his future into his own hands in the company of some family and friends when launching into the world of television, or rather, Anti-Television with The Stupidest Show On Television. Eddie, in collaboration with his company Revolver Media brings us The Stupidest Show On Television, yes, that’s the name of the show.

A show where Eddie and his bandmates can be themselves without fear of being judged since they named their own show like that. “You don’t have to take yourself too seriously, especially when it comes to television, a medium to which the masses come to be entertained and I feel, they seek something real, true, a kind of intimate relationship with him or presenters or hosts of the show. That is very scarce in Hispanic TV” says Eddie, Executive Producer of the Show.

“I’m Hispanic but I watch TV in English. Like me there is a lot of of Hispanics inside and outside the US who prefer to watch innovative and fun content and not Sabado Gigante and soap operas. Mega TV is the Hispanic channel of the future, as its board has a vision to support innovative programming and at the same time they take risks for the good of the spectator, who at the moment of truth, must be the most important. Eddie added.

Ricky Martin’s Santiago The Dreamer

– Produced by Eddie Blazquez
in association with Sony Music

– Starring: Ricky Martin
– Script: Ruslan Shakirov
– Written By: Lourival Rodrigues
– Edited By: Ruslan Shakirov

These days, for me it’s all about finding the best ways to teach, inspire and nurture my family. It’s a big job but it’s the most rewarding role I’ve ever played. And it’s the most collaborative. My friends and I learn so much when we share ideas, which is why I’ve launched Piccolo Universe.


Directed By Eddie Blazquez

CNCO is a Latin American boy band based in Miami, Florida.[1] The group consists of Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez and Zabdiel De Jesús; former member Joel Pimentel departed the band in May 2021. They won a five-year recording contract with Sony Music Latin after becoming the winning competitors of the first season of La Banda. The band toured with Ricky Martin.

Abraham Mateo is a producer who not only produces for himself but also for other outstanding artists such as Ivy QueenGente de ZonaBelindaSamoJuan Magán, Austin MahoneJennifer Lopez50 CentBecky G. He has collaborated with numerous other artists, including FarrukoJennifer LopezYandelLuis Fonsi, Becky G, Pitbull50 CentAustin MahoneCNCOLeslie Grace, Ha*AshLali EspósitoCarlos RiveraDvicioAlejandro Sanz and Malú.

Tanto De Nada

Directed by Eddie Blazquez


– Director of photography Ingi Larusson

– Assistant Director Abdel Fonseca

– 2nd Camera Hector Partigliani

– Lead actor: Anthony Galindo

Produced by: Alexandra Olavarria, Richie Riot

Set Design: Lee Schull & Juliana Astaiza

Gaffer: Markus Mar Oskarsson

Special Effects Make Up: Michael Ornelas

Graphics: Paula Guillen

homeless in miami

Foreclosure Society follows the lives of the people who fall between the cracks of society. The people that live in the shadows that no one thinks about when the sun goes down. This docuseries tells the tale of those who at some point of their lives missed a paycheck and ended up on the streets facing homelessness, hunger, inclement weather and the dangers of living in Miami, which is in itself a challenge.

Eddie and his friends see an opportunity to make a difference by taking simple but powerful and life changing steps such as collecting winter clothes, socks, sleeping bags and camping tents and distributing them personally and directly. They accepted anything but money.

Tag along with the Homeless In Miami team as they crusade the streets of the Magic City in an attempt to make a dent in the local homelessness problem.

Viva El Sueño

¡Viva el Sueño! (Live the Dream!) is a reality competition to find new solo musical talent. Many are those who dream of being big but very few who reach the success in the music world. ¡Viva el Sueño! will give that opportunity to one of the 14 participants who were chosen from hundreds of applicants. They will fight, on stage, to achieve their dream and receive 200 thousand dollars in prizes and sponsorships. The first-of-its-kind reality competition will pit 14 professional artists who have not yet had their big break and give viewers the chance to select Latin music’s next big superstar.

El Show Mas Estupido De La Television

The Stupidest Show On Television stands out for its stupid jokes on each other and on celebrities, who in many cases are personal friends with Eddie due to his musical trajectory. No interviews, no make-overs or family reunions, just a vehicle where viewers will see to your favorite artists on a genuine platform and not a pre-produced segment. “The demographic landscape in the United States has changed a lot. There are generations of Spanish-speakers that are not relating to traditional Hispanic programming. Hispanics are smart and we are fed up with the same condescending programming. We are ready for something new, sincere and really fun.

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